15 IT Companies in Singapore

15 IT Companies in Singapore


Have you ever seen delayed payments and disorganized reports as a company owner, bad comments from customers, and other trouble? If you have, then it is likely time to update your administration scheme, move to digital platforms and find the best information technology companies in Singapore to support you. A strategic, effective, and responsive management framework can be created by the best IT companies in Singapore. This will make the administration simple and open — encouraging talented experts to concentrate on priority tasks. 

Therefore, you can reach better success with a team that can create functional platforms and offers IT support. Don\’t know where the IT business might be looking for? See our list of the best IT companies in Singapore offering various types of development services


1. IT Companies – TechTIQ Solutions

BEST FOR: Digital Transformation Services  

SERVICES: Custom Software Development, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Software Development, Web Design and Development, App Development Services, IT Staffing  

ADDRESS: 22 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #03-78 Singapore 573969  

CONTACT DETAILS: (+65) 8251 0251 | inquiry@techtiqsolutions.com  

Comprehensive digital transformation services from TechTIQ Solution would help the company achieve prolific results. Your engineers and experts will ensure reliable and efficient solutions, generate results such as lower operating costs, improved customer involvement, and higher revenues. 

They plan to provide cost-effective technology solutions for budget-restricted clients – more companies can have stronger consumer relationships and have improved success in this digital age. 

TechTIQ Solution also provides advisory services that improve the trust of employees. 


  • Software Development  
  • Application Development  
  • Website Design  

Customer Reviews  

“Working with the Techtiq team has been an amazing experience. The project was delivered a week earlier than expected and all deliverables were over and beyond my expectations. Techtiq is the future of web and mobile development.”  

2. IT Companies – Apixel

BEST FOR: Full range of IT support services  

SERVICES: IT setup for new offices, small business server, data security, and theft prevention, backup systems, solutions  

ADDRESS: 10 Marina Boulevard #39-01 MBFC Tower Two Singapore 018983  

CONTACT DETAILS: (+65) 6639 1839 | enquiry@apixel.com.sg  


Weekdays: 8:30am–5:30pm  Saturday: 8:30am–12:30pm  

Looking for the best IT business in Singapore that can offer economical solutions and completely replace an IT agency in-house?? If so, Apixel is a fantastic pick! 

They deliver an all-inclusive, secure IT support package including on-site and remote technical support, communications support, technology development, and more. 

They still have a well-experienced team who can offer help and resolution immediately. Simply put, they are one of Singapore\’s strongest IT companies. 


  • Network support and management  
  • Server support  
  • IT asset management and documentation  
  • Data recovery services  


3. IT Companies – IT Block

BEST FOR: Startups and small to medium business scale  

SERVICES: IT support, outsourcing, consultancy, and solutions  

ADDRESS: 49 Joo Chiat Ln, Singapore 428106  

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 6972 9314  

OPERATING HOURS: Weekdays: 9am–5pm  

You will find the right customer-centered platforms at IT Block for start-ups to small and medium-sized companies. They have a wide variety of managed services aimed at improving customer engagement, simplifying business processes, and improving performance. 

They have everything you need to develop a strategic structure between an IT office and an SEO research service, expand the brand\’s reach, and retain strong customer relationships. This involves 24/7 IT, email management, server servicing, etc. 


  • Network and cloud administration  
  • Vendor management  
  • Cybersecurity services  
  • Disaster recovery  

Customer Reviews  

The majority of customers recommend IT Block\’s reliable services which make it one of the best IT companies for business owners in Singapore. 

“Great service, very professional, and exceeded our expectations. Not only did IT Block fix our IT-related problems upon request, but they also took the initiative to evaluate and identify other problematic areas, and taught us how to solve them. Will recommend them to anyone.”  


4. IT Companies – Dynatrace

BEST FOR: Software development  

SERVICES: System monitoring, performance management, digital business analytics  

ADDRESS: #37-02 Raffles City Tower 250 North Bridge Road Singapore 179101  

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 3159 0544  

You should depend on Dynatrace\’s all-around production services when it comes to building digital platforms. They develop creative, effective management tools for all industries. 

This distinguished organization is famous for its software intelligence platform. It is an AI-powered platform, comprising a hybrid cloud, a broad network, modified events and logs, operational management, and more. 


  • Multi Cloud environments  
  • Real-user monitoring  
  • Accurate conversions  

Customer Reviews  

Customers shared that Dynatrace\’s technologies gave them a large increase in their company success. For this reason, they were called one of the best IT companies in Singapore. 

“Dynatrace’s automated deployment capabilities made rolling it out quick and easy. Previously this might have taken a sprint cycle to deploy, but with the one agent approach we got up and running within a day.”  


5. IT Companies – KG Sowers Group

BEST FOR: IT Professional Services  

SERVICES: IT Infrastructure, IT Equipment Rental, Backup Power Solutions, IT Asset & Data Management, Premises Security, Telephony Solutions  

ADDRESS: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #08-33, Link @ AMK, Singapore 569139  

CONTACT DETAILS: (+65) 6250 2083 | sales@sowers.com.sg  

KG Sowers Group is an organization that provides specialist IT services. Your professional staff is committed to providing their customers with effective solutions. 

Their principal aim is to promote the business today in the future towards improved competitiveness to be recognized as the first IT service firm. It also aims to train and provide IT experts in the region. 

In customer service, KG Sowers Group is proud of its reliability and performance. You want to become an IT service firm with an enormous effect on the stakeholders. 


  • IT Infrastructure and Equipment Rental  
  • IT Asset & Data Management  
  • Backup Power and Telephony Solutions  
  • Premises Security  

Customer Reviews  

“KG Sowers has been helpful with resolving our IT issues. Professional and responsive. Highly recommend.”  


6. IT Companies – Sleek Digital

BEST FOR: App Development  

SERVICES: App Development, ERP System Development, Digital Transformation Consultation, WeChat Mini Program  

ADDRESS: TechPlace II, 5008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, #04-09, Singapore 56987  

CONTACT DETAILS: (+65) 8833 0022 | lester@sleekdigital.sg  

Identified as the Top App Developer of Singapore, Sleek Digital offers its customers a wide range of services. They cover all of the software application requirements from custom product creation facilities to mobile application consulting. 

They develop remarkable programs of groundbreaking software production technology. Through their qualified mobile app developers and specialist experts, they turn companies constructively. They can transform any traditional company into a profitable mobile app business through their deep knowledge of the market. 


  • Mobile Application Development  
  • Application Design  
  • Software Development  

Customer Reviews  

“One thing I must say about Sleekdigital is that they know what they are doing. I didn’t know what to expect from a mobile app when I first consulted them, but they understood my problems and made it easy for me. Unlike other mobile app developers, they came up with a whole mobile app plan on where my project was going and what to expect. Had quite a good experience working with them.”  


7. IT Companies – EC Infosolutions

BEST FOR: Customised solutions on all platforms 

SERVICES: Content management, project management, HR management, eCommerce stores  

ADDRESS: 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, 05-28 ECentre@Redhill, Singapore 159471  

CONTACT DETAILS: support@ecinfosolutions.com  

Whether it is a complex transaction tool or a team that can optimize your Cloud storage, EC Infosolutions provides Web, smartphone, and desktop apps that are designed to satisfy all your needs! 

They design individual software applications focused on tasks, workflows, and reports. You will select from software goods, rental markets, social networks, and even other applications as to their ready-to-use application models. 

They have a broad range of networks to help enhance the user experience—such as Google Cloud, where a vast number of data can be safely stored. 


  • Accounting solutions  
  • Order processing  
  • Inventory management  
  • Mobility solutions for eCommerce  

Customer Reviews  

Thanks to the open solutions and talented EC Infosolutions professionals, customers praised and rated it as one of the best IT companies in Singapore. Thanks to accessible solutions and the talented EC Infosolutions professionals, customers admired their work and found them to be one of the best IT companies in Singapore. 

“EC Infosolutions is very a customer-focused company, whose core strength ins a young, well informed, and skilled team of Directors. They are always welcome and friendly techno crafts. They are very responsive to the needs of their clients and are willing to take additional efforts and time to educate their clients & build relationships. Web & related e-commerce support to promote products or services is a complicated process that needs macro and micro capabilities, which they are highly capable of.”  


8. IT Companies – Type

BEST FOR: IT Outsourcing Services  

SERVICES: Business Solutions, System Integration, Window Server Migration, Server Virtualization Services, Corporate Cloud Storage  

ADDRESS: 342 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #03-1561C, Singapore 560342  

CONTACT DETAILS: sales@typent.com  

Effective and stable equipment is unmistakably the backbone of any new workplace with Typent\’s expert assistance. Concerning the considerations that are critical for the stability of your market, trustworthy professionals may be outsourced. 

Typent is one of Singapore\’s top IT outsourcing providers offers a variety of technologies designed to ensure the reliability of IT infrastructure and services. As a high-profile team, they are committed to ensuring it is in the right place with diverse experience with different platforms and hardware. 

The IT options that your office wants range from basic maintenance schedules to office relocations. In the future, if you need IT facilities, make sure you first visit Typent. 


  • Business Solution  
  • Experts in Operating Systems and Hardware  

Customer Reviews  

“Typent have provided us with critical onsite support and technical advice in our hardware and software requirements since we established our branch office in Singapore. They have looked after our growing needs for ongoing IT support and maintenance with their expertise and responsive service. We are pleased to have them as our IT service provider.”  


9. IT Companies – Aryan Solutions

BEST FOR: Technology Solutions  

SERVICES: Consulting Services, Project Outsourcing, Staff Augmentation, Managed Services, IT Service Support, Agile Transformation  

ADDRESS: Paya Lebar Square,60 Paya Lebar Road, #11-10, Singapore, 409051  

CONTACT DETAILS: (+65) 6708 7429 | recruitment@aryansolutions.tech  

Aryan Solutions is a Technology Advisory and Staffing Certified Company. They are specialized in offering a wide range of services in which customers can choose freely the type of service they need. They develop companies into digital companies, ranging from technological solutions to information technology. 

Their staff is made up of highly qualified advisors who work in the country. Its goal is to improve the efficiency and customer experience of its rivals. They plan to transform the market and simply only offer the best for their customers. 


  • Consulting Service  
  • Expert Consultants  

Customer Reviews  

“Great Company and Great People, Came to Singapore via Aryan solutions and they have been spot on.”  


10. IT Companies – PMAspire

BEST FOR: Project Management Training  

SERVICES: Project Management Training  

ADDRESS: 201709421K, 1 Magazine Road #04-11, Central Mall Singapore 059567,  

CONTACT DETAILS: pmaspire.com@gmail.com  

PMAspire is a Project Management Institute\’s national educational provider. These support aspirants by realistic case studies and hands-on exercises as well as simulator experiences in their project management. 

PMAspire has won the coveted National BASIS ICT Award for E-Learning and E-SaaS Platform, 2018. For its expertise. They are one of the best training centers in the world for project management. 

PMAspire was created with one goal: to assist PMP® applicants in their first attempt with obtaining PMP® certification. Make sure you and your group succeed with PMAspire\’s expertise and technologies. 


  • Global Educational Provider of Project Management Institute  

Customer Reviews  

“PMAspire is such an excellent Place To Learn PMP. Their Courses, Training Are Superb. The 36hours were worth it. All Their Past Questions, Tutorials Are Excellent.”  


11. IT Companies – Applify

BEST FOR: Application Development  

ADDRESS: #44-01A, One Raffles Place, Tower One Singapore 048616  

CONTACT DETAILS: 800-130-1649 | contact@applify.com.sg  


With the clever and responsive solutions they offer to their customers, Applify is a winning web and mobile development firm. One of their objectives is to become the leading supplier of solutions for customer requirements. There are several explanations why they can meet all customer requirements continuously. 

Your design team is specialists in their profession to rely on their know-how. They also deliver a full set of services – each customizer designed to meet a particular demand requirement. You should only receive professional facilities any time you plan to partner with them. 


  • Mobile App Development  
  • Mobile App Design  
  • Strategy  
  • Maintenance  

Customer Reviews  

“Great company. Highly recommended. A good place for learners and to start with the software cycle. Awesome work environment & time flexibility.”  


12. IT Companies – ALC Technologies Pte Ltd

BEST FOR: Full Range of Auto-ID Products such as barcode scanners and Solutions  

ADDRESS: 998 Toa Payoh North #07-07/08/09, Toa Payoh North Industrial Estate, Singapore 318993  

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 6354 1650 | sales@alcglobal.com  

OPERATING HOURS: Weekdays 8.30am-5.30pm  

With the clever and responsive solutions they offer to their customers, Applify is a winning web and mobile development firm. One of their objectives is to become the leading supplier of solutions for customer requirements. There are several explanations why they can meet all customer requirements continuously. 

Your design team is specialists in their profession to rely on their know-how. They also deliver a full set of services – each custom logo designed to meet a particular demand requirement. You should only receive professional facilities any time you plan to collaborate with them. 


  • Barcode Scanners/Printers  
  • Card Printers for ID and Food Tags  
  • Mobile Computers  
  • RFID Solutions  
  • Access Control/Time Attendance  


13. IT Companies – IT Fixed

BEST FOR: IT Service Provider  

ADDRESS: Block 129 Geylang East Ave 2 , #01-106 Singapore 380129  

CONTACT DETAILS: 65 8866 9099 (WhatsApp) | Email: sales@it-fixed.com  


Having a normal machine tired of using? Comfort is an important component of technology – so IT Solution & Services is perhaps the best IT business for you! 

It aims to establish a reputation as an IT service provider that is reliable, trustworthy, and quality. You ensure that you are working to meet the IT issues. 

Some of the services offered include IT support on the Internet and HelpDesk, onsite/offsite strategies, and project management — exactly what a high-performance IT company would expect. 


  • One-Stop It Solution  
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed  
  • Quick Response Team  
  • High Service Quality  

Customer Reviews  

“Thank you so much for your attentive & timely response to my need of support matter. It’s been such a very long time since I’ve experienced such superbly professional dedicated client support. As a guest, I am very much impressed and happily shocked to have found such an awesome customer-oriented service provider.”  

“King is a knowledgeable and genuine IT specialist that goes the extra mile for clients. I’m very happy with the service provided by him and thanks for the new setup and configuration! God bless.”  


14. IT Companies – The World Management

BEST FOR: Office Total Solution Consultation  

ADDRESS: No. 100 Lorong 23 Geylang #06-01 D’ Centennial  

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 6741 9198 | sales@twm.com.sg  

OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Fri 9am to 5.30pm  

World Management offers its customers consulting services. They specialize in corporate management, corporate resource planning, project management, accounting, and customer relations. 

They also have technical issues and software solutions. For their experienced team of experts, no problem is too large or small. 

The collaborations with renowned businesses all around the world ensure an outstanding standard of operation. You can rely on them to help you reliably regardless of the challenge in their efforts to continually change. 


  • Award-winning company  
  • Team of professionals with diverse backgrounds  
  • Experienced consultants  
  • Works with prestigious partners  


15. IT Companies – Vinova

BEST FOR: Web & Mobile App Development  

ADDRESS: 18 Sin Ming Lane #08-21, Midview City, Singapore 573960  

CONTACT DETAILS: hello@vinova.sg | +65 6707 3597  

OPERATING HOURS: Monday – Friday: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM  

In today\’s dynamic online environment, what you need is an enterprise that can help you maintain your position. If you need top-class web development services for your enterprise, Vinova is one of the companies you can consider. 

Your squad of master programmers is experienced for several years. It is their continued quest for new expertise in the software business, whether methods or innovations, which makes them a cut above the rest. 

You can be assured that, regardless of your market, you can find the right solution for your business. All you can get from Vinova are innovative and competent services. 


  • Complete professional solutions  
  • Makes use of the latest methods and technology  
  • Many years of experience  
  • Attentive and constantly improving service