Energy Services Company Evolved into a Tech Company!!

Our expertise in Technology, Energy, and Business Consulting for Asian markets makes us a valuable company. We are in business since 2008!!

About Us

A company with over a decade of experience working with some of the key global leaders in Oil/Gas, Renewables and Infotech.

Technological consulting including providing, information technology services, like Web, Mobile, and Business Consulting.
Many successful client projects with the credibility of reliable service and exceptional after-sales support
Our Expertise!!
Oil & Gas Solutions

Oil/Gas, this had been our key or the starting industry from where we had started more than a decade ago.

Mobile Application

Mobile applications have become the necessity of the hour, every business has a mobile application of their own, there are so many gaming apps, informative apps on the app store and play stores.

Gateway to Southeast Asia

Any company which would like to venture into Southeast Asia, we help them with business intelligence, business management and business potential analysis reports.

Web Design & Hosting

Web design and Hosting is one of our main technology products. Wherein our Web team, puts their best possible efforts to come up with innovative, responsive and professional websites.

SME Business Solutions

We also help, new start-up and existing business with advice on how to fund, how to manage operations and growth advices.

Renewable Energy

Changing environmental conditions, has given rise and growth of renewable energy sector at much faster rate than anticipated.

Energy Services is one of our key businesses, wherein we are known globally for our expertise, knowledge, and experience in handling many high-value projects and executing them on time, every time. Oil/Gas drilling, exploration, completion, and production are some of our key expertise, all these fall under the upstream category. We also have a team that helps our clients downstream as well.
Renewables or clean energy is our new emerging services, wherein we are working with some of the renowned Solar and Wind energy solutions providers, to bring the technology to global reach. Geothermal is another sector that is closer to Oil/Gas, however, the energy in the form of steam which is extracted from under the earth and used to run the power plants based on this to generate power, some of our renowned projects was in Indonesia. As a company, we take the energy sector as one of our key sectors to keep the global needs of energy demand.
Renewable Energy
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Helping companies to launch in South-East Asia, Technological upscaling for companies in Singapore and worldwide.

Global Expansion Advicory
Energy Company Cosulting

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