6 Indonesian Technology Startups with Impressive Funding

Technology Startups

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Technology startups! As you seeing, there has been a huge leap in startup business funding in Indonesia. Due to this, quantifying the best-funded startups in Indonesia is almost impossible: perhaps like trying to bake a cake employing a recipe with no measurements.

US$1 million is maybe not a sustainable investment to big boys like Lazada Indonesia or Traveloka. But it’s quite enough for smaller firms like Female Daily Network to proportion. With this in mind, we’ve put together a listing of Indonesian startups.

The criteria to possess made this list are that the amount of observable growth a startup has seen relative to the number of funding rounds is closed. Detain mind that these picks are subjective and in no particular order (raising money doesn’t necessarily equate to success). We invite you to hitch in by including names of companies in Indonesia.

  1. Technology StartupsTraveloka

Traveloka is that the quietest company in Indonesia that’s also a possible unicorn. Founder Ferry Unardi dropped out of Harvard before returning to Indonesia and starting the ticket booking site in 2012. It received seed funding from East Ventures a pair of months into operations.

Traveloka had been around for fewer than a year when it subsequently nabbed a series around in September 2013 from Global Founders Capital; a VC firm co-founded by Rocket Internet’s Samwer brothers. In December the identical year, Traveloka reported processing two million flight searches.

2. Technology StartupsBukaLapak

BukaLapak is the consumer-to-consumer ecommerce marketplace. It directly competes with the likes of Tokopedia. It’s clear that BukaLapak doesn’t have the maximum amount cash as its competitor, but it’s seen consistent funding and considerable growth. Back in July 2011, the corporate – which was born from local digital agency Suitmedia – closed a seed round with a Jakarta incubator called Batavia, which was pass Rebright Partners and native financial firm Corfina Group. Batavia Incubator now not exists, but BukaLapak sure does. At the time of funding, the positioning was already receiving over 9 million monthly pageviews.

In September 2012, BukaLapak got another hit of venture funding when it secured a series A round from Gree Ventures after adding a replacement payment system that allowed visitors to use Bank Mandiri’s Clickpay. In February 2014, the firm announced a series B round of funding from Aucfan, IREP, 500 Startups, and yet again Gree Ventures.

3. Technology StartupsTouchten

Touchten Games is one among Indonesia’s most successful mobile game developers thus far. Founded by Anton Soeharyo, Touchten is a gaming tech company in Indonesia, starting back in August 2011. It became clear that Touchten was growing after it broke into the highest five within the US App Store in February 2013 with its hit title Train Legend.

4. Technology StartupsAdskom

Adskom was one in every of the few Indonesian startups to urge funded within the pre-product stage. In May 2013, co-founders Daniel Armanto and Italo Gani announced seed funding from Japan’s Rebright Partners to create an automatic supply-side platform that aggregated digital advertising spots for patrons to settle on from.

The identical month, Adskom received a US$850,000 series A investment from Japan’s Digital Garage, East Ventures, Beenos Plaza, and Skystar Capital.

5. Technology StartupsTokopedia

No list about Indonesian funding would be complete without mentioning Tokopedia, one among the archipelago’s hottest consumer-to-consumer marketplaces, and therefore the company that set the record for the most important funding round in Indonesian tech startup history.

It’s been an extended journey for Tokopedia, though. After starting the corporate in 2007, founder William Tanuwijaya bootstrapped the venture for 2 years before raising seed funding from PT Indonusa Dwitama in 2009. In June 2013, the marketplace attracted another investment, this point led by Softbank Ventures Korea, and again followed by CyberAgent Ventures and East Ventures.

Finally, last October Tokopedia pulled in a very whopping US$100 million from SoftBank and Sequoia Capital. Tanuwijaya claims the positioning currently receives about 10 million visitors per month and sold 24 million products in its fourth year of operations.

6. Technology StartupsQraved

Rocket Internet alumni Adrian Li and Steven Kim co-founded Qraved. It has been called Indonesia’s first restaurant reservation app. In September 2013, the corporate raised seed funding from Rebright Partners, 500 Startups, and Skype co-founder Toivo Annus to expand the positioning as a restaurant directory and social network for foodies.

Between July and December last year, SimilarWeb estimates that Qraved was able to triple its web traffic to achieve 90,000 monthly visitors. Making it most wanted within the Indonesian foodtech market.

In November last year, Qraved announced a US$1.3 million series A funding round from Convergence Accel. It is a replacement VC firm spearheaded by Qraved’s co-founder Adrian Li, and followed by M&Y Growth Partners.

How to Get Fund Easily?

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Funding is an important part of any business. No matter it is big or small, funds help to grow the business in Indonesia. Crowd funding, seed funding or series A funding, you must know all about the funds factor. Here are below:

  • Bootstrapping your startup business:

Self-funding is also called as bootstrapping. It is a great way of financing the startups, especially if you are starting your own business. First-time entrepreneurs or the new owners faces the major trouble of funding without having the sight of any potential success. All the investment is about your own savings or the money from family and friends.

  • Crowdfunding As A Funding Option:

Crowdfunding is a new way of funding the startups that has gain popularity recently. It’s like taking a loan, pre-order, contribution or investments from quite one person at the identical time.

  • Get Angel Investment In Your Startup:

Angel investors are individuals with surplus cash and a keen interest to take a position in upcoming startups. They also add groups of networks to collectively screen the proposals before investing. They’ll also offer mentoring or advice alongside capital.

  • Get risk capital For Your Business:

This is where you create the large bets. Venture capitals are the name of those professional managed funds that readily invest in the companies with great potential. They typically invest during a business against equity and exit when there’s an IPO or a purchase.

  • Raise Money Through Bank Loans:

Every bank provides two types of financing for startup or any other businesses. One is functioning capital loan, and other is funding. capital loan is the loan that is required for running one complete cycle of revenue producing operations. Hence, sometimes it gets limited by debtors and hypothecating stocks. Funding from bank would involve the standard process of sharing the business plan and also the valuation details, together with the project report, supported which the loan is sanctioned.

  • Product Pre-sale:

Selling your products before they launch is an often-overlooked and highly effective thanks to raise the cash needed for financing your business. Remember how Apple & Samsung start pre-orders of their products well prior the official launch? Its an excellent thanks to improve cashflow and prepare yourself for the patron demand.

  • Selling Assets:

This might sound sort of a tough step to require but it can facilitate your meet your short term fund requirements. Once you overcome the crisis situation, you’ll again buy the assets.

  • Credit Cards:

Business credit cards are among the foremost readily available ways to finance a startup and may be a fast thanks to get instant money. If you’re a replacement business and don’t have a heaps of expenses, you’ll be able to use a mastercard and keep paying the minimum payment. However, detain mind that the interest rates and costs on the cards can build very quickly, and carrying that debt are often detrimental to a business owner’s credit