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A company with over a decade of experience working with some of the key global leaders in Oil/Gas, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Services, and Information Technology Space. Many successful client projects with the credibility of reliable service and exceptional after-sales support

About Our Company

MFF International Pte Ltd started in 2008 as MFF International a Sole Prop company that was later converted as a private limited company in 2009.  

Company started as the provider or drilling tools and equipment for the Oil/Gas drilling contractors. We had been focusing not only for the Asian markets but for the worldwide market.

It was a humble beginning as a consultant to Oil/Gas Drilling Rig companies, helping them with technical guidance and providing the right tools and equipment. Most of these products were redesigned and manufactured from reputed partner factories across the globe to get the best possible solution to customers. 

Many years of experience in the Energy sectory has given us edge with knowledge and network for advanced technical solutions. We are now working with global leads in energy sector providing not only the oilfield products and technological solutions.

Expanded business to Indonesia in 2013, which has hardworking team members from multiple engineering disciplines like Petroleum, Marine, Chemical, Mechanical, Management, and Administration, which had been doing extensively good. 

Technological expansion in India in 2017 with the technology company and multiple verticals to support growing Indian market too. Multi-industries solutions provider into Infotech, Chemical Industry, and Engineering Services. 

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